Бизнес и финансы
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Аудит 15 (2)
Банки, кредиты 54 (8)
Банкротство 4 (3)
Бартер, взаимозачеты 0 (2)
Бизнес на продажу 33 (13)
Биржи 10 (2)
Брокеры и управление активами 16 (10)
Бухгалтерский учет 48 (6)
Готовый бизнес 24 (10)
Деловые предложения, контакты 65 (21)
Долги, зачеты 2 (2)
Инвестиции 26 (20)
Интернет-бизнес 82 (31)
Курсы валют 12 (7)
Налоги 12 (2)
Небанковское кредитование 5 (2)
Оффшоры 6 (3)
Поиск партнеров 21 (8)
Предложения о сотрудничестве 28 (14)
Регистрация, ликвидация фирм 22 (2)
Реклама 57 (16)
Рынок валют, Forex 38 (18)
Спонсоры 2
Страхование 16 (1)
Тендеры 4 (1)
Финансовые и бизнес услуги 157 (31)
Ценные бумаги, акции 8 (3)
Экономическое сотрудничество 13
Юридические услуги, консалтинг 119 (19)
Другие сайты по теме бизнес и финансы 183 (30)

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 We are a private investment company that provides financing to small capitalization, publicly traded companies. Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources, industry knowledge, but hands-on M & E and implementation. Acting as a principal, we maintain successful long-term relationships with our portfolio companies. Our experience is only partly in creating flexible financial structures. More importantly, our ingenuity and financial resources allow the company to grow both internally and externally through acquisitions. We are hardworking, creative, experienced and successful team that can take companies to the next level. Contact us and see how we can help make your business grow financially.

In addition, our interests are lower than local creditors, and our environment is easier to meet. Depending on your compliance with grant requirements, your funds can be transferred to your resident account within 7 working days of the opening lines of communication with us. Listed below are other specific areas that we also experience

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